My Hounds

2016: I now have another wonderful big boy named Cinder. Obviously, it didn't take me long to decide to adopt another big boy. Cinder turned 3 years old in August 2016 and is still quite young looking and acting. He is a very sweet boy that just loves everyone. He does this full body wiggle whenever there is another person around to try to get them to come and pet him. How do these long-legged greyhounds curl up into such a cute ball? Such a sweet boy!

2014 - 2016: I adapted a wonderful boy named Blue after fostering him for some time for Greyhound Crossroads. He had a difficult life for an ex-racing greyhound. Unfortunately, Blue lived in a hoarder home with hundreds of other animals (including horses, dogs, and cats). But, we got him away from all of that and gave him a happy home. Unfortunately, Blue developed a small tumor in his nose that caused repeated problems. I had to let this wonderful boy sleep forever in the summer of 2016. He was about 8.5 years old. Run free, run long, my wonderful, beautiful Big Boy Blue.

I'll foster greyhounds for a while until another one captures my heart and life!

Blue Aug14Blue Mar15

2001 - 2013: I adopted my first two greyhounds, Pol and Bel, in 2001 from Greyhound Crossroads. They were just over 2 years old and had been trained for racing at one of the Florida racetracks. An interesting caveat to their story is that Pol and Bel were littermates and were together through the first 2 years of their lives as puppies and in the racing kennel and then were released together to the same adoption agency; a sequence of events that is fairly rare in the ex-racing greyhound world. Two others from their litter, a sister (Val) and a brother (Tam) who had been racing in the same kennel in Florida, were released from racing about a year after I adopted Pol and Bel. They were also sent to the same adoption agency for adoption. Obviously, I couldn't resist having 4 littermates, so I added Val and Tam to our family in 2002 when all four were just over 3 years old. I lived with my wonderful pack of Sibs for just over 12 years. They were a very interesting and entertaining pack to live with. I gradually had to let go of my Sibs. Pol (the alpha of the pack) first, then Bel (the littliest of the Sibs and the one who needed me the most), and finally Tam and Val on the same day. Run free, run long my beautiful Sibs...

I hope that you enjoy the pictorial tour of my Sibs presented in the photo gallery below. If you have any questions about my Sibs or about greyhound adoption, please contact me.

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